My husband and I built a tiny house so we could live cheaply in a beautiful location [Boss Insurance]

My Husband And I Built A Tiny House So We Could Live Cheaply In A Beautiful Location

WHEN Lisa and Matt decided to build their dream home after securing a nice piece of land in Australia, they chose to build a tiny house.

But building their spectacular home in the Blue Mountains proved difficult financially, due to banking stipulations.

Lisa and Matt built a stunning home but struggled with funding at firstCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co
Some banking protocols meant they had to have the money in advanceCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co

It’s harder to get loans for tiny homes, which means Lisa and Matt had to have the $62,000 they spent ready to spend.

It’s a problem faced by many budding small homeowners, who struggle with zoning laws and other red tape.

But despite the obstacles, Lisa and Matt built the entire frame and interior of their home.

She said, “An electrician did the wiring, which would have been too complicated.”

The couple originally wanted to use old shipping containers for their home, but settled on a tiny house for their needs.

And it seems the little house paid off – during the summer, even with the air conditioning running, they paid $230 per term.

For water, they only spend $97 per quarter, which is equivalent to some monthly payments for others.

Matt reflected, “We save a lot because we don’t buy unnecessary things. We keep our possessions small and question everything before we buy it.”

At just eight feet wide, 30 feet long, and 15 feet high, the tiny house can get cramped, forcing Lisa and Matt to live creatively.

She told Insider, “Matt and I often get in the way when we cook, and we have to clean up more often because otherwise the little house seems even smaller.”

Another woman has revealed the amazing little house she created in just seven days – and claims she can live on just $200 a month.

While her family and friends called her ‘crazy’ before she got into the tiny house, Melanie can now live on just £160 a month – and even raises chickens.

The small owner revealed a monthly cost breakdown that left some of her followers considering making the switch themselves.

Her list of monthly expenses includes $98 land, $25 electricity, $30 hydro, $11 propane, $15 taxes, $13 land and house insurance, bringing her to a total of only $191.50.

Their home is near Sydney AustraliaCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co
The bedroom has a massive king-size bedCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co
Matt runs a bathroom remodeling business which means their bathroom is top notchCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co
The house has incredible detailsCredit: instagram/tailored_tiny_co