Preparing for inclement weather includes insurance and knowing what you own | Newsletter Stories [Boss Insurance]

Preparing For Inclement Weather Includes Insurance And Knowing What You Own |  Newsletter Stories

PADUCAH — As severe weather approaches, we talk about the importance of having a weather radio handy or having access to the WPSD weather app. We remind you to have your devices charged, food and water, and a safe place to go. Another important thing to think about before bad weather hits is your home, what’s in it, and what it’s all worth.

Recent severe weather — including an EF-2 tornado that claimed the lives of five people in Bollinger County, Missouri — has people making sure they’re prepared. Kevin Jones of Paducah Insurance has seen families lose everything.

“Naturally a homeowner is going to be a bit frantic, you know, and I think because of that he doesn’t – he gets impatient. And sometimes the claims process takes a while, you know. Whatever kind of damage. that is, sometimes it takes time,” Jones said.

His best advice is to know what you’ve got, and he knows firsthand how difficult that can be.

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“You have to know what you have, and you have to know what those things cost, you know, so that makes it a lot easier,” Jones said. “I had a house that burned down several years ago, and I don’t have I don’t have an inventory of these things, and I can just imagine that if I had, if I had documented the things I had at home, it would have made the process so much easier.

Having a list, photos, or video of what’s in your home could make all the difference if tragedy strikes.

We also spoke with Sean Darnall in downtown Paducah. He said if his house should be destroyed, and he is ready.

“We have maximum insurance. You know, I never thought I would go to an insurance agent and say, ‘Raise my insurance,’ but we did it,” Darnall said.

He has seen from friends that knowing what you have in your house is essential.

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“Take inventory of everything in your home. Talk to a builder about the replacement cost. Then call your insurance agent and fight for the maximum coverage you can afford,” Darnall said.

Having the right amount of coverage is essential. Jones emphasized that communication is so important when it comes to your home and belongings.

“Make sure you have enough coverage. Call your insurance company,” Jones said.

Jones also spoke with one of his clients whose home was in the path of a recent tornado. She said if she had a suitcase or bag ready, she would have been better prepared. In short, she lost everything.

Another important tip: make sure you have your car and home insurance papers and other important documents in a safe place.