Property damage caused by the storm may be eligible for compensation [Boss Insurance]

Property Damage Caused By The Storm May Be Eligible For Compensation

If you have property damaged by freezing rain on Wednesday, for example, if a tree fell on your car, you may be eligible for damage compensation.

“Insurers are deploying all the resources at their disposal to ensure that they are dealing with calls and claims as quickly as possible.” Pierre Babinsky, director of communications and public affairs at the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

“If the damage actually goes through the walls so that it creates an opening through which rain or anything else can enter, then as soon as it is safe to do so, you should block off that area.”

That’s exactly what Danny Stewart did after he found his car’s rear windshield completely shattered by a branch that broke during the ice storm.

“Right now I’m covering the opening to keep water out of the car,” Stewart said.

He is not the only one, many Montrealers are experiencing the same problem.

Autumn Tree Branch (Photo Credit: Peter Stauber)

“I heard this happening, then I walked out. And I was the lucky winner,” said crash car owner Francis Timmons. “It suits me pretty well. It did me good. »

Instances where an insurer may not be able to assist with debris removal include: if the tree has fallen without causing damage to the owner’s property – which then becomes the sole responsibility of the tree owner ‘remove – or if it is a city tree.

Babinsky recommends calling your municipality to remove the tree.

“If a tree falls on your vehicle or on your house and creates damage, then the removal of the tree would be covered by the insurance, as well as the repair. As long as you have the basic cover for your house or a more comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.


The next step: documenting the loss.

“I would take these photos, call my insurer and send them the photo. This will allow them to decide if it is something that could be handled over the phone or if they should send an adjuster. And they will give you advice on what to do with the tree and maybe they will have people to recommend for the removal.

Home insurance doesn’t just cover property damage or debris removal, but Quebecers can also be compensated for food waste caused by power outages.

“If there is a power outage and there is no damage, your home insurance can or will usually cover the contents of your fridge or freezer. What’s important to do is that if at any point you can’t keep this in the house, just take a few pictures of the contents before you throw them away so you have documentation for your insurer.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault says he is currently considering offering financial assistance to people whose property has been damaged. Something that was done during previous natural disasters in Quebec.

If you need help with an insurance claim or want to learn more about what your insurance can do for you, you can go to the insurance info website.