Sad twist in Aussie mum’s Bali nightmare [Boss Insurance]

Sad Twist In Aussie Mum'S Bali Nightmare

A long-awaited vacation has taken a tragic turn for a family, with a mother stuck in hospital for the foreseeable future.

Bali officials are fed up with bad-mannered tourists and are springing into action with a new guidebook for all visitors.

The Reyment family was on a trip to Bali when Kristy contracted pneumonia, which led to respiratory failure.

In addition to this, a mass was found on his lung which needs to be investigated.

The family of five were due to fly home on Monday morning, but they still don’t know when they will be back with the 45-year-old nursing student still stuck in intensive care for at least a week.

Ms Reyment’s husband Steve said it started with a bad cough and chest pains. Photo: 7 news

Ms Reyment’s husband Steve said it started with a bad cough and chest pains. “They told us that one of her lungs was completely filled with fluid – she had respiratory failure,” he said. 7News.

“It’s totally heartbreaking. I try not to show the kids.

Hospital, accommodation and flight costs have exacerbated the terrible ordeal, with the family already having to pay $15,000 upfront for the hospital stay.

Mrs. Reyment and her husband Steve. Photo: Facebook

The hospital bill is expected to be $25,000 or more plus the additional cost of accommodation, flight change and lost wages.

Mr Reyment says he was left in limbo by travel insurance company Cover-More.

In a statement, Cover-More said “we are assessing the request as quickly and as fairly as possible while ensuring Kristy is appropriately cared for.”

Family friends Candice Bruff and Chevelle Oldfield organized a fundraiser to help the family pay the bills and bring them home.

The Reyment family was on a long-awaited trip to Bali when Kristy contracted pneumonia. Photo: 7 news

Ms Oldfield said she wanted to take the financial stress out of what has been a terrible experience for the family.

“Steve has been tirelessly contacting all of Kristy’s doctors in Australia, obtaining numerous medical records from multiple sources to settle the insurance, while trying to entertain three children who are very upset that their mother is so ill,” he said. she declared.

“Having to see her that way with no indication of how long she will have to stay in hospital to recover. Children are also missing out on valuable school time.

“I know they would appreciate any support they can get to make sure Kristy and her family can get home and out of the hospital.”

This story originally appeared on PerthNow and has been reproduced with permission