Tax court moves to self-insured health insurance, gives employees more options [Boss Insurance]

Tax Court Moves To Self-Insured Health Insurance, Gives Employees More Options
Magistrates Adam Wheatley and Keith Metcalfe speak to a constituent before the start of Tuesday’s tax court meeting.

By Jim Brooks
Nelson County Gazette / Radio WBRT

Tuesday, June 6, 2023 — Nelson Tax Court voted Tuesday morning to move its Anthem employee health insurance to a county-funded self-insured system.

The transition will be managed by Assured Partners, a national provider of insurance services.

The move will mean more insurance policy choices for employees, as well as the addition of long-term disability coverage at no cost to the employee. The new coverage will include additional coverage options at the employee’s expense, such as accident coverage, etc.

In addition to the regular insurance program, a high-deductible health insurance option will be combined with a health savings account that includes a county contribution matching the employee contribution. The premium for this plan should be about half the cost of the regular insurance plan.

The new plan will include a drug benefit and an additional program to cover expensive drugs.

County Treasurer Rhonda Fenwick said employees should receive preliminary information about the changes next week. Meetings will be scheduled prior to the deadline to make a decision on any insurance changes.

Emergency Services Director Joe Prewitt thanked the court for approving the changes, citing them as an extension of county benefits that will help retain and attract new employees.

SECONDARY RURAL ROADS PROGRAM. Representatives from the Elizabethtown office of the state Department of Transportation presented their plans to improve the rural secondary road plan to the court.

The funds are generated by the state gasoline tax. The program is funded with 22.2% of total fuel tax proceeds.

The state has allocated $646,700 of a total of $1.48 million for routine maintenance of Nelson County state roads. The state has identified four other projects involving specific roads, including:

KY 458. From Washington County border to US 62 – $239,000.
KY 3207. From KY 509 to KY 623 – $123,200.
KY 2738. From just east of KY 55 to US 62 – $288,000.
KY 2739. From KY 509 to Cox’s Creek Bridge – $181,386.

FLEX ROAD RECOMMENDATIONS. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet also released its recommendations for flexible funds it provides to the county for county-specific highway maintenance projects.

MARY DRIVE. Pave 0.18 miles – $15,385.
REMINGTON AVENUE. 0.3 miles – $25,123.
SUTHERLAND ROAD. 0.93 thousand – $51,314.
TREE TOP. 0.296 thousand – $30,270.
MEAD9W DRIVE. 0.224 thousand – $10,715.
FROMAN GREENWELL LANE. 0.26 thousand – $16,539.

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Executive Judge Tim Hutchins holds the marker honoring the memory of Carolyn Metcalfe, wife of recently deceased Magistrate Keith Metcalfe.

IN MEMORY OF CAROLYN METCALFE. Executive Judge Tim Hutchins and members of the Nelson Fiscal Court presented Magistrate Keith Metcalfe with a copy of a plaque placed with a new tree planted in Dean Watts Park to honor the memory of Metcalfe’s wife, Carolyn Metcalfe.

Metcalfe thanked the court, saying he felt honored.

In other news, the court:

— approved the appointment of Kimberly Wright and Nick Cipparone to the Nelson County Joint Ethics Committee.

— KACo approved for workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage. The higher expected premium for coverage is due to higher values ​​on county properties. A replacement cost assessment of the county’s assets will be completed later this year.

— approved the payment to the members of the redistribution commission of $100 per meeting.

— approved an interlocal agreement with New Haven regarding the enforcement of the county’s nuisance ordinance. The city of Fairfield also wants the ordinance enforced in its city, deputy executive judge Brad Spalding told the court.


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