The real life Gavin and Stacey who are kicked out of Barry by the Home Office [Boss Insurance]

The Real Life Gavin And Stacey Who Are Kicked Out Of Barry By The Home Office

An American woman says she has ‘been to hell and back’ trying to get a spouse visa so she can live with her ‘soulmate’ husband in Wales. The Home Office has twice rejected Ellen Alvarez, 65,’s request to live with her partner, John Delahunty, 70, whom she married in October 2020.

Friends of the love couple – who first struck up an online romance – dubbed them ‘the Gavin and Stacey International’. But now the threat of eviction hangs over Ms Alvarez, leaving her worried that her idyllic life with her husband in Barry will be ‘ripped away’ from her.

She is now preparing to fight for her cause in a court hearing. Rejection letters from Home Office officials to Ms Alvarez, seen by WalesOnline, say she does not qualify for the visa and there is no evidence of ‘insurmountable obstacles’ that the couple would face if they moved to the United States.

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But Ms Alvarez believes she has met the requirements and says it is not possible for them to move to the United States, where she no longer has a home, job or health insurance. “I feel like I’m in a nightmare that I can’t wake up from,” said Ms. Alvarez, a retired children’s librarian. “I love Barry so much, it’s such a beautiful place…I feel like I’m being treated like a criminal wanting to come here.”

Ellen Alvarez and John Delahunty on their wedding day October 8, 2020(Photo: Ellen Alvarez)

Ms. Alvarez and Mr. Delahunty, a retired transit police officer, first met through mutual friends on Facebook. They helped each other through their troubled marriages and slowly their romance began to blossom.

‘At a time when my best friend was going through too many of her own issues, I reached out to John because I was thinking about ending it all,’ Ms Alvarez wrote in a moving letter to be considered at the next hearing. .