This Malaysian insurance company has unveiled its new agent…and it’s a cat [Boss Insurance]

This Malaysian Insurance Company Has Unveiled Its New Agent...and It'S A Cat

Whenever pets get sick, their owners don’t hesitate to take them to the vet for examination. That’s how much paw parents love their fur babies – it’s really no exaggeration to call pets an extension of their family. Over time, however, vet bills can really add upthis is why many Malaysian pet owners have take out pet insurance to cushion the cost.

This contributed to the success of Oyen, a local digital pet insurance platform. Actually…

Oyen has sold over RM100 million of pet insurance

Founded in 2021 through a partnership with MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd, Oyen has helped pet owners manage their pets’ medical bills, saving them a substantial amount on vet bills. With RM100 million insurance protection providedOyen has increased sixfold between 2021 and 2022.

“We founded Oyen during the pandemic when we discovered pet owners were struggling to pay their vet bills. As pet owners ourselves, we want our customers to get the best care for their pets through our extensive pet insurance coverage and provide a team-based insurance claims service. most empathetic and caring. – Kevin Hoong, CEO and co-founder of Oyen

Oyen’s insurance coverage is available at all veterinary clinics in Malaysiawhich is convenient for customers because they do not need to visit specific veterinary clinics. They can also pay off their bills on Oyen’s online platform. Here’s what customers have said about Oyen’s services:

“What I like the most about Oyen is that they go above and beyond when it comes to insurance services. As a new cat owner, I learned a lot about ownership and care. Oyen’s pet managers. The insurance itself is great value and the claims process is very smooth. – Nur Basyira Bahari, an Oyen customer

With an easy-to-use user portal and accessible customer service, pet owners can manage and track the submission and progress of their pets’ claims, as well as renew their policies online.

“Having met the founders and how they started Oyen Insurance, it beats any company I’ve used before. Their plans are great and they bring a fresh approach to insurance. They have a platform in friendly line and they are also very transparent about things – easy complaints and check-in process and everything can be done in minutes.- Alda Lo, another Oyen customer

What Really got us excited about the company was the fact that…

Oyen has a new (digital) insurance agent… who is also a cat

And yes, his name is Oyen.

After raising over RM1.7 million through seed funding from investors such as Hustle Fund, Oyen plans to reach 50,000 covered pets in Malaysia and 100,000 in Southeast Asia from here 2025.

Through a series of brand changes, Oyen goes beyond pet insurance. They deployed a new travel insurance product (human) designed exclusively with built-in pet protection elements. This unique travel insurance not only covers passionate pet owners, it also offers additional pet benefits that give pet owners peace of mind if something untoward happens during their trip. .

Insurance can be difficult for many people to understand, so Oyen now has a digital insurance chat agent named Oyen (because it’s the best cat name) that will help explain and demystify insurance jargon. Unfortunately, you can’t discuss insurance over coffee with Oyen, but you’ll soon be able to discuss insurance with him here.