Top of the easiest and most difficult countries to obtain a Schengen visa in 2023 [Boss Insurance]

Top Of The Easiest And Most Difficult Countries To Obtain A Schengen Visa In 2023

Getting a Schengen visa has become a daunting task for many, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Travelers face long waiting times for an appointment, in addition to having to collect a long list of documents, and paying often high fees.

Additionally, many travellers, such as Turkish nationals, complain that rejection rates have increased after the pandemic, VisaGuide.World reports.

Recently released Schengen visa statistics for 2022 revealed that, in fact, refusal rates increased last year to 17.9%, compared to 2019, when only 9.9% of visas were refused. .

The rates are all the more concerning as in 2019 there were almost 17 million visa applications lodged worldwide, while in 2022 there were just over 7.5 million. of requests.

Yet all European countries are beautiful, and each of them has a lot to offer foreign tourists. Travelers who just want to visit Europe for fun, and who are not strictly limited to visiting specific countries, can always choose to visit one where it is easier to get a Schengen visa appointment. and are less likely to have their application rejected.

According to visa statistics for 2022, the top five Schengen countries with the lowest refusal rates are:

  1. Iceland – only 1.9%
  2. Lithuania – 7.8%
  3. Latvia – 9.5%
  4. Finland – 9.7%
  5. Slovakia – 9.7%

Additionally, some of the top EU summer destinations also have quite low rejection rates compared to other top EU destinations, such as Italy – 12.7%, Greece – 12.5% ​​and Switzerland – 12%.

However, travelers desperate to obtain a visa to visit any country in Europe should try to avoid countries with the highest Schengen visa application rejection rates.

In 2022, the five Schengen countries with the highest rejection rates were:

  • Malta 36.4%
  • Sweden 29%
  • Belgium 28.4%
  • France 22.2%
  • Norway 20.3%

Still, travelers are strongly discouraged from applying for a visa for “easier” countries and traveling with the same to another country. That we call “visa purchases” and is strongly condemned by the European authorities. We strongly suggest that travelers refrain from doing such a thing.

Instead, those wishing to visit, i.e. France, should apply to the French Embassy, ​​not another. To reduce the risk of having their applications rejected, travelers should avoid making some of the most common mistakes that result in Schengen visas being rejected.

This includes having a clear purpose of travel to that country, having the right travel health insurance, possessing sufficient financial means to support the trip, and having a clean criminal record, among others.

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