A travel expert shares key tips for not losing your luggage when you go on vacation [Boss Insurance]

A Travel Expert Shares Key Tips For Not Losing Your Luggage When You Go On Vacation

There’s nothing more exciting than that first step on the plane when you arrive in another country – arguably one of the best things about a vacation.

But things can get stressful very quickly if you arrive at the dreaded baggage carousel to find that your luggage hasn’t quite found its way to you.

Lost bags can take days or even weeks to find, and it can put a real sour mood on your vacation. But there are some things vacationers can do to reduce the risk of their luggage being misplaced.

Travel genius Anthony Collias, co-founder of luggage storage service Stasher, said: “Despite all the precautions taken, luggage can sometimes go astray.”

“Make sure you are covered by appropriate travel insurance which includes a provision for lost or delayed baggage.”

He also recommends keeping valuables in your hand luggage: “This includes crucial documents, money, jewelry, electronics and medication.”

And if you’re traveling with other people, consider dividing your belongings between your bags: “This means that if one bag is lost or delayed, you will both have access to some of your items.”