Considering pet insurance? Avoid this major mistake [Boss Insurance]

Considering Pet Insurance?  Avoid This Major Mistake
If you’re considering a pet insurance policy, don’t wait for your pet to get sick.

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Owning a pet can be an exciting and rewarding experience for years to come. But while owning and caring for a dog or cat can be great, paying for their inevitable medical care can be a burden, especially now that fees have increased. In today’s economic climate, it makes more sense than ever to offset those costs by purchasing a pet insurance policy. Depending on the type and provider, a pet insurance plan can to reimburse owners up to 90% of the care they would otherwise have paid out of pocket.

While the benefits of pet insurance plan are many, like any other financial product or service, there are also important mistakes to avoid manufacturing. For example, you don’t want to ask later in your pet’s life that the cheapest and most comprehensive care is often reserved for young animals. But it is above all a question of cost. There is arguably an even bigger mistake that owners should avoid to ensure their pet is covered.

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Avoid This Major Pet Insurance Mistake

Just as you should not wait to be sick to take out health insurance, you should avoid doing the same for your dog or cat. Don’t wait until he’s sick to apply for pet insurance because you won’t be covered in time for it to be useful.

This is because pet insurance companies require a waiting time before they cover your pet. If you wait until he is sick, your waiting period will overlap with when he is sick, meaning you will still have to pay for treatment and medication until your policy is in effect.

“The 15-day waiting period, which begins the day after you enroll, is a set period of time before your coverage kicks in and you can be reimbursed for claims,” the pet insurer says. company Fetch by the Dodo. “We cover injuries and illnesses that occur after the end of the waiting period. Any claim you submit during the waiting period will not be covered. Any injury or illness that occurs during the waiting period will be considered as a pre-existing condition, which means she will not be eligible for coverage.”

According to Fetch by the Dodo, there is “also a 6-month waiting period before hip and knee injuries can be covered. You can waive the waiting period for knee injuries by having your animal by a veterinarian within the first 30 days of your policy to determine that they have no relevant pre-existing conditions.”

Different providers have different approaches to waiting periods – some may be longer and some may be shorter. What is standard, however, is that they all have some form of waiting period. So don’t wait until your hedging needs are urgent. Apply today while your pet is still healthy and have your pet insurance close at hand when you need it most. Get a free quote here now.

Other Pet Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

While applying later in your pet’s life and waiting to apply when they’re already sick are two of the biggest pet insurance mistakes to avoid, they’re not the only ones. Here are two other mistakes that pet insurance owners should do their best not to make:

Do not shop

The pet insurance industry has grown significantly in recent years, giving owners more options than ever. In this environment, it’s worth shopping around before you sign on the dotted line. Get quotes from at least three different providers to improve your chances of finding the best, most cost-effective policy.

Get the wrong type

There is several types of pet insurance to choose. Make sure you know why you need pet insurance — and what you can afford — before deciding on a type. Different types have different prices (and cover different treatments), so do your research first.

The bottom line

Pet insurance is a great way to protect your pet – and your bank account. To do both effectively, however, you’ll want to avoid making major mistakes. Namely, waiting to purchase a policy while your pet is sick could backfire, as you will have to complete a waiting period before the insurance kicks in.

So don’t wait. Start early and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind that a pet insurance policy can give you today.